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David and Roberta Adams


Adams Strategy Group DNA

In 2014, David and Roberta Adams started the Adams Strategy Group, Inc., a boutique management consultancy that specializes in a unique transformational operational excellence strategy. The Adams Strategy Group designs the architecture and execution support for sustainable change in process and culture. 

Rallying around our vision – "radical success for the client" – our team brings thought leadership from academia and operational experiences from a variety of industries including defense, healthcare, manufacturing, non-profit management and insurance services. Our distinctive model - Transformational Operational Excellence - drives change using a clear roadmap for enterprise excellence: change leadership, organization, leadership development, management systems and team work for your continuous improvement culture.


Core Values Drive Change

We solve challenges for healthcare, manufacturing and emergent enterprise problems to improve safety and quality by integrating your human and operational systems with a continuous improvement strategy.  

We connect with courageous leaders and their teams to make transformation through strategy development, design, teaching, coaching, and when called upon, direct facilitation of team problem solving or process improvement.  Our core values shape the way we work. We believe that your culture's daily experience should not only reflect your core values but should exercise them every moment of every day.  Exercising values is what drives change.


Our Vision For Your Future

Radical change requires courageous leaders who drive a culture of problem-solving throughout your organization.  We have done it for many hospitals and companies as they have embraced and run with their own solutions built on our roadmap of focused engagement.  The results are simple: radical success in safety, customer satisfaction, performance and profit.